Within the EZS, the board of the terminology is active and its goal is to develop proper Slovenian terms in the field of electrical engineering. The specialists concentrate on the translation and creation of new expressions as well as their unified use in the field. Unified expressions are a basis for efficient communication regarding the standards and regulations in various environment. The EZS supports the efforts of the international organizations for standardization by developing the Slovenian version of the terminology vocabularies.

The EZS cooperates in these topics with the Slovenian Institute of Standardization (SIST), which gives this area a certain preference. By translation of terminological standards, the partial vocabularies for the selected topics are developed for a wide use of our members.

The Electrical Society of Slovenia is therefore thankful to the specialists working in this area producing new professional terms and, thus, helping the culture of quality translation of the technical standards to the Slovenian language and forming of appropriate vocabularies. That remains one of its main goals in the future.

EZS Glosar

EZS Glosar is a glossary of technical terminology. The vocabulary was developed and upgraded over the years and has grown into collection that contains more than 19.000 Slovenian terms.

Electrotechnical Association of Slovenia with this glossary recommends the use of professional technical terminology for naming the components of phenomena and processes in technical terminology and business standards within the meaning of good engineering practice. The correct technical term allows the accurate expression and is the basis for unambiguously communication.

Visit the page: EZS Glosar



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