Interconnecting identifies need and openness of the EZS in these activities and leads us to take part in them to enhance striving for improving business and societal environment. That includes incentives in engineering and technology for responsible attitude in societal well being, environmental problems solution, and support for sustainable development.

Achieving additional value in the society at the implementation of products and services requires adequate and responsible sustainable action of the engineers and technicians. Moreover, that requires recognition of importance of exact technical vocation, which is of basic importance for the development and establishing of our life in future.
In the professional organization as the EZS is, societal relations and cooperation are a prerequisite to enhance the basic goals of the EZS, which are presented in the following:

  1. Contribution to the advances in science in area of electrical engineering, information science, telecommunications, energy and power,
  2. Active cooperation with the industry regarding the technical and technological advances, education and evolving criteria for improvement of business and personal competence.
  3. Support and leading of the nongovernmental organizations in the field of electrical engineering, informatics and telecommunications and power engineering,
  4. Supporting the governmental organizations and authorities to fulfill their tasks and to solve the professional problems in these fields,
  5. Development of professional level and consciousness,
  6. Nurtinges cooperation among the members of the EZS and of the professional organizations inside and outside of the country,
  7. Representing the interests of our members (unions),
  8. By means of the electrical engineering unions or special professional organizations nurtures and develops the professional ethics in accordance with the codes of Slovenian engineering association (SIZ),
  9. Informing and developing the professional level of competence in the field of electrical engineering, informatics, and power engineering,
  10. Presentation of professional standpoints regarding the key questions of the profession to the public.

Networking of the EZS is concentrated on the application of innovation and application in the field of electrical engineering, security, and the technical rules as a part of the contemporary society infrastructure.



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