Topical: Join one of the electrotechnical societies, members of the EZS

Who are our members?

All of you who are interested in electrical engineering and would like to take an active part in its development and promotion, both in Slovenia and abroad, are invited to become members of the Electrotechnical Societies included in the EZS. There are no limitations in terms of qualifications and the level of education. If you are a high-school or university student, an employee or have already retired, and you are ready to devote some of your spare time, knowledge, experience and efforts to the development of electrical engineering, you will be welcome.

We accept individual members, but collective membership is possible, too. In addition to regular members, the EZS has deserving and honorary members. High-school and university students and senior members form separate groups.

What are the benefits of membership?

You will be kept informed about developments in the field of electrical engineering in the world and in Slovenia, and will have an opportunity to continue learning and take an active part in various activities in the sphere of electrical engineering. Modern Europe stresses the role of the civil society; as an EZS member you will be able to create the present, and shape the future.

Through its international connections, the EZS allows you to be active in Europe and elsewhere in the world. One of the examples where the EZS can help you is with Euro-engineer registration. In the emerging cyber-society era, the role that the EZS has in organizing and promoting the gathering of its members is particularly important. As an EZS member, you have some material advantages, such as discounts on training programs, workshops and conferences, and a discount on the EZS bulletin, the Electrotechnical Review, and other EZS publications. You receive the EZS News free of charge.

As a student member, you can participate in some EZS conferences and workshops without having to pay a fee; you can get to know commercial and other organizations working in the sphere of electrical engineering, the EZS will help you find a holiday job or probationary work, and help you establish international contacts.

As a senior member, you will get help from the EZS with organizing and implementing projects in the field of electrical engineering, both at home and internationally. All associates of collective members have advantages equal to those of the individual Association members. Other concrete advantages of the individual collective members are set forth in the collective membership contract.

How to become a member of an Electrotechnical Society?

To be able to work at the EZS, we advise you to become a member of your nearest regional Society or a specialized professional society in whose sphere of work you are the most interested. Fill in the form below and choose the society you wish to join.

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