Power engineering

Electrotechnical Association of Slovenia is active in the field of energy and power including:

  • Forming of energy and power development strategy,
  • Contribution to solutions in power system planning,
  • Generation and transmission systems development,
  • Construction of generation and transmission capacities,
  • Solutions to operational problems of the power system,
  • Development of the power system infrastructure maintenance,
  • Development of electricity markets,
  • Renewable sources integration into a power system,
  • Efficient use of electricity,
  • Integration of consumers into power system control.

Its activities encompass position forming and its publication regarding the power system problems, offering solutions to the current problems, updating of technical regulations and technical specifications, forming necessary terminology in new technologies and processes, and education of specialists in the field.

Electrotechnical Association of Slovenia is taking care of technologies and processes in the boundary fields in technologies as for instance in electrical and explosion safety.

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